Bicycle… a tribute

My Bicycle

There was a power-cut and the whole atmosphere was dark. It was my bicycle that was in rain. I was in the Veranda, and I was watching my Bicycle enjoying the rainfall. It was evening, I could only see my bicycle during the lightnings. It gave a hero-like posture to me, as if it was shouting to me, “Come in the rain! Let’s enjoy it together.”

I believe everybody feels the joy when they ride their bicycle for the first time; at least I felt it. I was too much afraid of riding my bicycle when my father bought me my bicycle. For two years my bicycle was idle. When I got to standard six, I got the taste of riding bicycle. One of my elder brothers ran with me so that I don’t fall. I was thinking that he was holding the back of my bike, but when I noticed that he was only running beside me, joy surged into me. I was riding my bicycle without any aid.

Days went on, my legs grew longer, and I was not able to ride my old 20 inch bicycle. And I had to take possession of my uncle’s bigger bicycle. I felt sorry for my old bike. I didn’t want to leave that bicycle alone. I decorated that with many stickers. It now belongs to one of my neighbours.

I was getting familiar with my new bicycle. It was new machine, bigger and heavier. But soon I got attached to my new(actually the bicycle was older than my old bicycle, but it was new to me) bicycle.

With my new cycle, I discovered the thrill of bicycling. When I ride my bicycle with the maximum speed my feet can attain I feel my bicycle. I can feel every nuts and bolts clanking. The chain getting tensed. The mudguards vibrating. It’s like enjoying the ride together. Riding bicycle in rain in much more thrilling. The rain strengthens the bond between me and my bicycle. It feels like a bird happy with its wings.

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