“I always like to walk in rain…”

“I always like to walk in rain as no one can see me crying”

Walking in Rain

I don’t know who quoted it; I like this one very much.

A walk in rain is a delightful experience. When I am sad, when the question of my existence bothers me, when I recall my failures, I go out in the rain, to feel the joy of sorrow, the music of rain. I walk in the rain, feeling the cold on the flooded road, the touch of the falling drops, the thrill of thunder. My vision gets blurred, my cheeks wet. I walk in wet clothes through the empty streets. I look to the sky to see the drop falling on my eyes. I see the birds huddling together to stay warm. I see the frog leaping from one side of the street to another. I see the water of the nearby pond rippling and I see the lotuses dancing. The rain is washes away my tears and I become aware of the fact that no one sees me crying.

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8 comments on ““I always like to walk in rain…”

  1. aashok says:

    “I always like to walk in rain as no one can see me crying”

    words are written by great joker/comedian “Charlie Chaplin” to whom we never see crying

    we always smile to see him.

    Regards — aashok

  2. Prakash says:

    m going through the same situation now so it touched my heart. its very hard to smile u have occean of sorrow inside our heart.

  3. love rain says:

    i lovee rainnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    rainnnnn is my lifeeeeeeeeeeee

    i like rain very muchhhhh

    i love rain<3
    i love rain<3

  4. sulax!!! says:

    its touch my heart!!!!!

  5. Amit says:

    don;t explain in words what i m fling after reading this………

  6. Tina says:

    Hi… I just googled ‘walk in the rain’ and came across your post… It’s a beautiful thought, and I have walked in the rain, just the way you’ve penned it down… and it’s been one of the most relieving experiences ever…
    Just good to know someone can feel the way I did… 🙂

    Have a gr8 monsoon…

  7. ruby says:

    this line is realy touch me

  8. rensis clark says:

    when i read the quotes above .. i just realize im the same as that guy up there .. its nice to walk in the rain when u have lots to think about your life 🙂

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