Phoenix Down

F-16 alone

“This is squad leader Phoenix, do you read?… I repeat, do you read?” said the pilot excitedly.

“This is control tower Omega, we read you, squad leader, what’s your position?”

“22 degree 223 miles. My squad got intercepted. I am the only one flying”

“Return to base, squad leader”

“Negative, AA shooting on the way, not enough fuel to detour.”

“Did your squad escorted our bombers successfully?”

“Negative, all went down, sir”

“Try to return to your base immediately!”

“Roger that”


The pilot thought it to be an easy mission, they had to escort two bombers to target. Such catastrophy was out of expectation. His squad consisted three more F-16s, they all fell victim to the sudden interception.

Suddenly, out of nowhere two Migs came into the radar. “What the hell!”, he rolled his fighter and switched his mind to combat mode. He engaged in a dog fight. The Migs forked him. He was alone, unaided. He felt his heart thumping. He thought about the moment when he left home for the last time, his mother’s eyes full of pride. He made a maneuver, got behind a Mig, and pressed the trigger. 34 mm side cannon roared. He made his shot, the Mig was smoking, but what about the other. Where was it? It was out of his vicinity. He was hailed as the most skilled pilot at his base, but then he was alone, as if his fate was testing his skills. He was searching the sky for a spot of the other Mig, he felt much tensed. Flying through the dimensions, he felt the weight of his fear.

He is still searching the sky. His has a little fuel left, suddenly, radar warns him. A Surface to Air Missile is approaching. “Whoa!”, he makes a roll and increases the throttle. Racing through the air, he feels his heart afraid again. The missile is chasing, and closing in. His feels the force acting upon him, it is breaking into his body. He takes a turn, the G force almost tears him apart. He is still holding on. The fuel gauge is showing alert. What should he do? Suddenly, the time stops. He feels the force halting. He realises the missile is close enough to explode. It explodes. The afterburner is on fire. He is going down. His total life is flashing before his eyes. He is on the edge of life and death.

He makes a belly landing in the forest. Fortunately, his plane does not totally disintegrates. He lands behind enemy lines. He takes up the radio, “Phoenix down, I repeat, Phoenix Down”.

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One comment on “Phoenix Down

  1. Nice Dude. nice writing. your heart is passing through a glory of adventure. Really it’s very nice. it’s just made me stack on my brain. Nice work, keep up.

    Thunder Fighter
    Cheers the Life

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