Last night…my thoughts…

Last night I was lying sleepless. I was in subconscious mode. I was conscious about the things I thought; it ranged from the first day in school, the fear of being out of parents’ vicinity, to the last day’s experienced at school, which involved some exciting classes. I was recollecting the creations I shared with my friends when I was a child. I used some junks to make my own toys. I used to write paragraphs, about anything that came into my mind. Most of those were about space. I liked the term “space” very much back then. I was amazed by the intricate beauty the space possessed. I also liked to play cricket, it was much fun back then, with all of my friends playing together. I drew a lot, anything, from village scenes to crashed aircraft.

I noticed that, with my age going up, I am leaving behind a few things which I thought I would never leave. Like writing paragraphs, I now write scarcely.

I  recollected a cartoon which I used to watch, “Dragon Ball Z”. It was an action cartoon, with all those big guys fighting a lot. Now, when I try to watch those, it doesn’t attract me a bit. I used to watch television. Now, I don’t even sit before the TV set for a minute.

All these recollections I made last night, made me think of one thing, am I leaving my childhood behind.

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One comment on “Last night…my thoughts…

  1. Ya, You are right. We are all leaving our childhood. it is the universal truth. no one can leave from it. good luck, buy.

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