I was standing in the middle of nowhere. The farthest thing I could see was a few mountains. A bus was coming from far away. I waved my hands. It stopped. Somebody told me to come in. I got inside. Took a seat. I put my backpack on the small bunk. Then relaxed. Then I looked to my side, and…

It was she. She is here, sitting beside me. For years I hadn’t seen her, talked with her. Her memories got buried into my mind, but now here she is. I asked myself “What should I do?”. Many doubts were reverberating inside my mind. “Will she be able to recognize me after all these years?”, “Is this girl is really she?”. I had to call her, but what if she was some other woman. My heart started pounding. My shirt got drenched with sweat.

Suddenly her bag fell from her hand. I leaped to the opportunity, “here you are madam”, and she looked at me with great astonishment.

“You?”, she laughed.

As I was going to give her the bag I felt sleepy. I heard her sweet happy voice. My eyes were getting tired. I could still feel her voice fading. I realised that it was only a dream, being subconscious I tried to sleep again, to see her again, but the broken line of dream didn’t join. I lost her, again.


3 comments on “Dream…

  1. I am really ashtonished. Bye, See you next morning

  2. theemptyvessel says:

    Darun! keep writing!

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