Trapping the ideas

Ideas are volatile. They pop in mind anytime, anywhere, and diffuse fast into the mind. You can’t just find them again. I am trying to trap those ideas.

I like to write those ideas that come into my mind. But the ideas usually come when I am in bed, or studying something, or maybe out. When I get a chance to type down those ideas, the idea is no more.

Let me tell you what I do to prevent such frustration. I just note down the idea on anything instantly. Like when I am in bed at night, I just get to the cell phone, and forward the idea using SMS to Yahoo SMS backup. Nice idea! Don’t you think? When at my study table, I take a notepad, and jot down the idea. Yeah, that hampers the study a bit, but that’s worth it. When I am in train, going to my friend’s place, I just take the ticket out my wallet, and jot the idea down there. When I am in school, listening to the lectures, I just write the idea at the back page of my notebook, despite the scolding I get for not concentrating on the lecture. Nice ideas come to me when I am sitting in a grove near my school during break; I take my notebook with me. Even an idea is coming to me as I am writing this blog. Do you want to know what I am going to do now? I am about to press the short cut key to take a note…

Ah, that’s it…

If I come across more ideas to trap ideas, I will inform you.


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