Untamed emotions

He was up, crying. His pillow wet with tears, he toppled in his bed. The death of the cat bothered him. It was not his pet, but it was cute & lovable. He was amazed by his own sympathy about the cat. His eyes slowly became sore. His emotions became tired. He fell asleep.

Next morning, he sits still beside the windows, listening to the birds. He recalls the moments of his sorrow when he cried for the cat. There are no remnants of such feelings this morning. Suddenly some one calls him from outside. He looks up and sees his friends. One of them said, “Are you still crying for that cat yesterday!?” Anger surged through him. “Shut up!” he shouted. He suddenly got too much excited. He gets outside and jabbed the boy who just questioned him. The others stopped him. He gasped for breath. It was that boy, who he jabbed, threw a stone at the cat and killed it. He thought about the vengeance. His friends laughed at him for his behaviour. He restrained himself.

He always tries to hide his emotions from others. But the event today made him reassess himself.

“I am sad for a cat. How foolish am I? I have better thing to think about.”

But from deep inside his heart, he heard “Be what you are! Be proud of your goodness. You cannot tame your emotions, they will always remain untamed.”


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