The share…

Chocolate, to me, is one of the grandest delights. When I eat a chocolate bar, I don’t like any distraction. I close my eyes and relish the chocolate.

One of my friends does also like chocolates. He lives near me. His family couldn’t afford him a Chocolate bar, but my family could. Once he had a bar of chocolate, which we shared in a secluded corner near the playground near our locality. The next day, my uncle bought me a big bar. While I was relishing the bar, he came and asked for a bite. “No,” I replied.Forgive


“I will not…”

“I gave you mine yesterday.”

“So what”

“How can you eat it all?”

“I don’t care what you say; I will eat it alone, because my uncle bought this for me and me only”

He sighed and disappeared.

And I ate that all. Next day I heard that they were moving to another place. “Let them move, I don’t like the greedy!” I told to myself.

It was ten years ago.

During all this ten years, I ate loads of chocolates; most of them were great in taste. Yesterday, I was browsing through some old documents, when I found a letter. It was from him. He was on a vacation, and wrote me a letter from there. Those immature letters on that letter reminded me of him. I recalled how I didn’t give him the Chocolate. He was such a nice guy. I thought I may be able to find him now. I had a big bar (Like that I had ten years ago) in the refrigerator. I took the bar and went to their old house, and then asked if the inhabitants could tell them about the previous owner of their own house. The woman said, “Yes, they live near the rail station, you can find them there.”

“Thanks Aunty”, I rode my bicycle.

Near Rail Station I asked about him by telling his name to everyone, from shopkeepers to the chatters on the road. Some said, “Yes, I heard of him, but I cannot tell you the exact location”, some said, “Never heard of him”. It was getting dark; I had to find him, but how. After scouting the whole area, I was unable to find him. I wanted to share the chocolate with him. I thought if he could forgive me.


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