Incident at the river bank

It was afternoon. The sun inclined itself to almost fifteen degrees, and was changing it’s colour. The boy was standing at the ghat(river bank). He wore a ragged short. His ribs was clearly visible, his limbs were thin. It was clear to me that he was poor. He was collecting water from the river, as the rivers’ water is considered as something which purifies the soul. Maybe he was collecting water for his home. His jar of water went full. And he turned and started to walk away from the river bank.

I sat there for a few minutes. Suddenly, I saw the boy again, rushing towards the bank, with a new jar, and filling it up again. Then he again walked away. I got it. He filled up jars for money. Great way to make money!

A great looking teenager girl was coming to the bank. The boy was hurrying to return the jar to it’s owner and get some money. They collided, the boy fell down. The girl started to act strangely. It seemed that something bad touched her. She started to scold the boy. The boy hung his head in shame. I went to know, “Why?”. The girl explained that the boy belonged to the lowers castes. And now that he touched her, she have to wash herself.

It was almost impossible. It is 2007 A.D. And still few are bothered about the touch from the lower castes.


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