The new breed of ‘Gods’

For a long time God left us, alone in this world. We lived all these days seeking God and his pity. But for all these, we were deprived. And now, in the 21st century, our God is abandoning us. But we must no despair, for there is a new breed of ‘God likes’ in the scenario. They are the creators of the world; we call The Open Source World.

The open source world is constantly developing, making its way to the top. Those who are constantly and developing softwares and contributing to the OSS (Open Source Software) world, are almost God like persons. They are developing the softwares for the society, for humanity. They are spending time from their precious life to make our life easier by making free softwares. These OSS can be edited, customized and developed by anyone. Everyone can access the source codes of this softwares and make it better. Maybe I am telling in a hagiographical way, but still I would say, “Only those experienced the essence of OSS, may feel the spirit of OSS”. Someone once told the ideal of the FOSS (Free Open Source Software), and from that moment, I wanted to be a part of this ideal. I do want to contribute something to this world, to make a mark, to be a part of humanitarian activities. And, when I will learn enough programming, I will surely do. This is one my dreams.

Are you thinking why I just have told a bit about the OSS world? Because it moved me. And if you are one of those odd adventurer types, get some taste of the spirit of OSS.


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