Cause and effect

I was looking for a book (a college chemistry textbook). I have many bookshelves and I had to search a lot. And suddenly in a dusty corner of the oldest bookshelf I came across a comic book. “The adventures of Tintin- The land of Black Gold”, the cover illustrating Tintin and Capt. Haddock on camel, with hoodlums behind, shooting at them on a desert. I lifted the comics, and came across a whole set of Tintin comics. Those “Adventures of Tintin” were the stories of my childhood. Those books had brilliance like no other. I read them over and over again when I was child. I recalled the joy of those books yesterday. I felt that Nostalgia is not a bad thing altogether, it helps you become a child again.

A few days ago, I was dusting the books in my house. The total book complex in my house was cover with dust. I took a vacuum cleaner and started to clean. It was boring until I found a whole bunch of books (very special book they are indeed). The books are on specific topics. Very small and readable. The topics were like, “Energy”, “Wheels”, “Vehicles”, ‘Cats”, “Farmhouse”, “Volcanoes”, etc. Those book, I liked very much when I was about ten. I remembered how fast I read those books, just to finish them and take a lot of knowledge on that topic. Though may be Children’s editions, I picked one, and started reading.

I recollected the moments of my childhoods, while I read those books. I don’t even read a bit of Tintin or those Pocket encyclopedias now (maybe a little bit after I had found them again). But still they do attract me a lot.

Books had profound effect on my childhood, and made the teenager I am now. We all can realize the effect other things (especially books) had on our life after we leave our childhood. Those who can’t are just very unlucky.



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