Things I never did…

I think, we always do silly things when we are young (younger than the time when we realize that we were younger). I used to tell everybody a lot of things which I never did, and I enjoyed telling them.

My friends used to aggravate me a lot when I spoke about anything. So to defend myself from the aggravation, I made up this story. It goes like this:

I had a friend, who used to aggravate me a lot when I went to play out because I was not the best player. One day, I lost my temper and went to hit him. I kicked him in his chest, and he fell down. Crying, he couldn’t stand up. I didn’t help him get up. Others did. Later I heard that I broke a bone on his rib. I could do anything when I am angry.

Another great lie I told when I was in a discussion about swimming. I had to say something. Someone asked me how well I can swim, I told, “I can swim across the Bhagirathi” (a river, big river). He admired my ability to swim.

I never did hit anybody so hard to break a rib. The truth is, I never had such a friend. I made up the story because, I had to defend myself from aggravation. When I said him I could swim through Bhagirathi, I knew I was lying, but still I had to present myself as something I was not.

Time changes everything. Now I don’t like to brag like a child sometimes does. Unfortunately I was a too old child. Now, I believe, I am what I am. I don’t need to be a hero to be myself. And mock up heroics are easy to spot.



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