Age of eighteen years

Yesterday I went to my private tutor. He started to discuss a topic on a poem by Sukanta Bhattacharya, “Atharo Bochor Boyosh”(Age of eighteen years). Before elaborating the discussion on the topic, he told us a story, a story which he saw with his own eyes. It is a story to two lovers. He asked me to keep their names secret, so I am using Charlie and Elisha instead of the real names. If any of the readers have these names, please don’t mind. Actually he wanted to explain what an eighteen year old is capable of; An eighteen year old can challenge every obstacles without thinking about the consequences.

The story goes like this:

Charlie and Elisha loved each other so much, it seemed that they were almost inseparable. When Charlie was eighteen or nineteen (I don’t know the girl’s age of the time), they married. My teacher was a good friend of Charlie, he asked him how the are to live without any financial income. Charlie, being ignorant to the thought of future replied, “I will make a way, you’ll see.”

And that was all my teacher said to us. Then, after a bit of silence, he spoke, “Now, look at him, no romance, no love. They live separated from each other. Where is the romance now? His single mistake took his whole life, left him dry.”

I assume, from the age of my teacher, he is almost fifty years old. He lost the best time of his life, because, when he was eighteen years old, he made a mistake. The story left me moved.

We should always think what we are about to do, before we do.

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One comment on “Age of eighteen years

  1. tanni saha says:

    life fight for age of eighteen.

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