Poems are…!

When someone write poems, what do they think about?

If I am not wrong poems nowadays are meant to be the expression of emotions of one’s mind. But why does the poet want to share his feeling? Are the feelings of one is good to the others? I heard that cows milk is not totally good for us. Why? Just because it’s cows milk. Only human milk is purely good for humans (Yes, that’s mothers milk). It’s a fact that, a driver of a certain device of a PC won’t work with other drivers. Just because the driver is made for a particular device. Just as their is no universal milk, no universal drivers, there is no universal feelings or emotions. Someone’s mind cannot be compatible with other’s emotions. Then why poem?

It’s sometimes true that, when we share feelings, we feel a lot lighter, but does that need a medium like poem? It’s also true that when we read poems similar to our own feelings, we feel happy. But does such expression need the obscure twisted lingual medium of poems. Isn’t ordinary everyday language enough for that?

If, all men and women in this world, start to read and write poems, with all the emotions boiling through the poems, can you imagine what will happen to this world! I think the average density of the earth will increase due to the increased weight of emotions. 🙂

Mathematical theorems are does sometimes has obscurity, but is does render the logical truth beautifully. As for poems; poems are like obscure ciphers which has to be decoded by the reader. But sometimes the encryption is too much heavy. To me it’s heavier than the Enigma Cipher. And therefore, I cannot find the beautiful truth in poems nowadays.

Sometimes, poems do inspire. Kazi Nazrul Islam inspired revolutions with his poems. He truly is a brave poet of our times. I admire him and his poems.

When I get a chance sit with poems, and try to decipher them. But I feel helpless. Controversy lingers in me. Whether the poem is necessary of not. I tend to be an anti-poemist. Sorry if someone is hurt to see an anti-poemist for the first time. Maybe my definition of poems are wrong. But does the definition of poem holds an essential part in the definition of arts?


2 comments on “Poems are…!

  1. thunderfighter says:

    I am agree with you , According to me Poems are just output of the thoughts of Poets. Some time it matches our lives sometimes not. Some time the poems are written in a very strong language which has a very difficult meannning. I don’t Like them. Another question is The critiks are expreses the thoughts of poets afte the poets become no more. many critics express many thoughts, My question is how they understand the poets mind which is imposible after death. So the poem is a ridiculous thing to me also.

  2. kayoticbeauty says:

    well as someone who writes poetry myself i cannot really tell you what it is that drives me to write. i can say though that not all poems rrequire literally asking the author, “what the he does that mean?” but i will ask this. how do you feel about a paintings? pick a painting that you like. any painting. what did you think of? maybe something as simple as a smiley face or as dreadfully annoying as picasso… there are very many different types of painting styles, let alone mediums… so then a poem is very similar to a painting… you just have to find what floats your boat. and for some, poetry is not the creative outlet that they can appreiate… but on a more real level, do you listen to music? is that not a poem? are not there many differrent uses for music? very many different genres? well im sure you get the point by now. and if not thats fine. just thought id speak up… and by the way. poets will never cease to exist ❤

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