When I return from my school, I get a bit tired. I ride my bicycle fast so that I can reach home soon. My friends sometimes aggravates me and ask why I am so eager to go home. I don’t like to answer. It’s just that I like seat in front of my PC, it is so much comfortable. And I also get eager to get a chance to surf the net(I consider myself lucky that I can surf the net from the comfort of my home, most boys don’t have such luck in my locality), and as Jerome K. Jerome puts it, “It’s my energetic nature, I can’t help it.” I have a study room. Most of the time in a day, I spend there, I like to be among books, though I don’t study much. When I return from my school and go to that room to put my heavy bag down, I get a surprise. I find something good on my table, sometimes it is a chocolate bar, sometimes it is a packet of special biscuits, sometimes it is a cake, or anything nice and edible. I assume my uncle brings those things for me but not to give those to me directly. Almost everyday, when I am in school, he puts those things on my table. I think it is a pleasure my uncle finds in such secretive act. The pleasure of making someone happy without being known.

Indeed it is one of the rarest pleasures.


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