Trance of a scientist

“Define curse of science. Some say, the bomb blast in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one of the most ugliest curse of science. Some say, all the pollution and global warming is the curse of science. Some say science is making man more machine like. Does it?”, he thought. “Why is science is considered as an entity? Who has the right to make science an entity? Science is not just a mere earthly entity, science is just a thought that permeates human mind”, his inner fire roared.

He was lying on his bed. The storm was raging outside. The earphones of his iPod was humming some tune. His eyes were closed. He was thinking. “Why all these men have to consider science as a curse? It is true that they are not considering science wholly bad, but a bit of badness is intolerable. No one can define science in a definition. It is just an emotion, it has nothing to do with human society, human activities etc. Science doesn’t give us anything except a rare pleasure. All the progress of civilisation is the application of the wisdom, the wisdom gained from science”, he was still thinking. He defends science with all his heart. A bit later, he started to think again, “Science is an emotion? Wow!”, he was startled by his own contribution to the dimensions to the emotion. “Yes, it is an emotion. It is an emotion of the complete man”

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