New form of poetry…

I was thirteen then, when I got my hands on a book called, “Basic for Schools”. That was my first step into the world of programming. The book made programming fun. Whenever I got time, I always sat in front of my computer, opened the GW-BASIC, and started to write program in that. Programs to do lots of jobs, e.g. to find prime numbers. Later, I got the Q-BASIC IDE, which also helped my a lot when writing programs.

After a year, I got a taste of C. I got someone who was learning C at that time. He was as engineering student. He didn’t had a computer, so he had to come to my home and used to write programs in that. And that gave me the taste of C. C provided finer control, he said. I got interested in C and started to learn C. I self studied the C language. I was dazzled by the flexibility of the language. To me, C was a world of fun. After a few days, I started to study Java. At first, Java was a hell lot difficult, with all those Class and Objects. I couldn’t make it out. It took time, but eventually I learned the ‘Class & Object’ thing. After I got the feeling of class, I realized how much potential it had.

Now, I like to be among codes all the time. In all these years I learned a bit of Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, PHP and C++ also. Coding has a beautiful side. When you learn to feel the codes, you will see, that the pattern is just like poems. To me, it is another form of poetry, though it doesn’t help us to express our own feeling to others, but it does help to express our feeling to our computers.

If I am going to tell you something, I will say,”just peek into the world of programming and scripting, you will find many treasures buried inside” 🙂


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