I am sitting in front of my computer but I can’t figure out what to do. It’s a strange position. I am just sitting, clicking randomly on the web pages, and playing an audio CD in Windows Media Player 11. Time is one of the most precious resource we can have. But when time is plenty, it may lead to very boring consequences. Well, that’s not my condition now. I don’t have plenty of time now. But I have to take a bit of rest from my study, and PC is one of the very few places to rest. I am resting in front of my PC. And I have already wasted so much time, just thinking what to do now. I can’t get into coding, because it will hamper my studies, I can’t get into gaming, because it may come to my mind while I am studying. I can’t get into some creative 3D modelling because that would difficult enough to gobble up half of my time. All these because I have to get into study again, and if I get into other things a bit, I may not be able to get up and continue my study. What should I do? What?

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One comment on “What?

  1. xntricpundits says:

    Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. – The Gospel According To Zen

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