The undeterred confessions of a broken heart…

Two of them were walking along the pavement. Both were in light mood. It was almost twilight, the street was almost, except a car a minute. They were talking vivaciously about thermodynamics. They both liked the way it was, empty streets are perfect for talking about such subjects. “Entropy is a parameter which increases when a system goes to a state of higher probability” The other replied, “I can’t get it, explain”.

“Well, when a system…”, he suddenly pauses.

“What’s the matter?”, he asked, looking at his companion. His companions eyes were fixed on the couple walking a bit far away from them. The girl seemed beautiful from behind. She wore a short sleeved salwar and a jeans. Her hands seemed to be crafted by an artist, her legs seemed to in perfect harmony with each other. She got a ponytail hair. It was swinging gracefully as she walked. The gently gust of wind was agitating her salwar. Her shoulders seemed to be in a perfect geometry, which were oscillating in a subtle frequency as she walked. Her curves were attractive, as if the Golden Ratio was implied upon them. The boy beside him was pretty much ordinary, wore a trouser and a shirt. Their hands was rubbing each other; they were walking side by side.

“Isn’t she beautiful?!”, one of them just spoke out of a trance.

“Who, the girl?”

“Who else!”

“Why she? I mean there are lot other beautiful in the town, why did she attracted you? Something fishy, eh?”, the other said in a ‘making fun’ tone.

“No, nothing is fishy”, he said calmly.

“Some thing’s wrong buddy, do you know her?”, seriously this time.

“I don’t only know her!”

“You mean…?”, they understood each other very clearly.

“Yup, from the first time I saw her. But I was waiting for a perfect day, when I could expose my love to her, when I could really convince her that I really love her. You know, I really love her.”

“I get it.”

“Have you ever fallen in love?”


“Then you cannot get it!”


“When you love someone with all your heart, and expect a bit of a passion from that person, and find out that she doesn’t even like you; it feels awfully bad.”

“Oh, you mean, you told her something.”

“No, she somehow anticipated me.”

“Ya, girls are a hell lot aware than we are.”

“and when she knew that I love her, she told one of her friend, that she doesn’t even want to talk with me, she said I am disturbing her.”

“Leave her, buddy, you have better things to do. What does she knows about you?”


“That is why she was able to ignore you like that.”

He gave a profound smile. His friend asked, “Why are you smiling?”

“I can’t leave her.”


“Because… if I leave her, if I stop loving her, I will fall from my ideal. I will love her endlessly, until I die.”

“Be logical! She will never love you, then what will you get from your love?!”

“Nothing”, he smiled again, “but I am sure one day she will realize that someone had truly loved her”

“Damn that ‘one day'”

The other smiled again, his eyes shone with some inner fire,”It’s my life! If fate wants a challenge, I will give one, I will stay undeterred, I will be unbreakable.”

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