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Can you feel the time when the people could use a PC after knowing a few elements of computer science? Can you feel the time when they had to repair the OS itself when they were in a fault? I cannot know how did they feel when they had to face such a problem. But I can understand one thing, they could use their computers as you use your bicycle now. I mean almost total control. When you have a accident with your bicycle, and have it’s wheels displaced, what do you do? You pick up a wrench and a plier and fling yourself on the bicycle, then with a bit of tinkering with that long screw driver, you fix the wheel yourself. Easy and simple enough. You were able to do that because you know every aspect of the bicycles workings. Just like that, the older computer geeks circumnavigate the problems they faced.

Now, things have changed, the realm of Microsoft Windows have made it a lot simpler. You have to install a program to run it. You have to move a few sliders and select some special menu items & tabs to fix almost all of the problem. You don’t have to use a hell lot of command to attain full control over your PC. But do you have that much full control over all your PCs workings?

It is true that you will not be able to use the old OSes like UNIX to attain full control. But you may be able to use the whole PC effectively, if you use Linux or BSD. These open source OSes will allow you to attain full control over your PC. And using Linux is a rare pleasure. Linux is often misunderstood, it is thought that the installation of Linux is hefty. But the truth is, Linux installation and making a Dual Boot System is even easier than making a glass of milkshake. The pleasure is in the circumnavigation of the problems you face. If you are a tinkerer type like me, you will eventually learn, that you can’t live without problems. And the problems you face in Linux is the pleasure that you should enjoy. And the method of fixing problems in Linux is so much different, that you will feel like a computer user using a computer of the past, who is using commands to win over the faults.

Try it! And don’t be separate from this special form of wizardry.


2 comments on “[root@localhost ~]#bicycle>>computer>>linux

  1. Give me an old cool bicycle, and I’ll ride around the city for days.

  2. Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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