I do envy a boy, who gets all the things he wants, from an Intel Core 2 Quad powered PC to a XBOX 360 and Nokia N91, all at the expense of his father. His father half reluctantly goes to the shop with him and buys him the things. Me? A new PC last year was enough.

I do envy a guy, who can write great blogs, with all the feelings pouring from the web page. He have acquired the skill to write beautifully. Me? Sometimes I try to imitate his style, after a few tries I press the power button on my keyboard, and get sad as I am unable to write good blogs.

I do envy a classmate, who has awesome handwriting. He impresses all the teachers with his handwriting. Me? I write and I write, but can’t get near his quality.

I do envy another boy, who is great at his studies. No subject is difficult for him. He studies and gets high grades. Me? I spend a lot of hours at my table, in front of my books, but can’t near his perfection.

I do envy a photographer who is great at attracting eyes with his photos. Me? Capturing photos always makes me jealous of him.

I do envy a friend who can paint well. Me? When I am painting, I tend to throw my brush in anger, I can’t paint like him.

There is a kid in my school, who is great at bicycling, when I am trying to imitate his style of hand less bicycling I get make an accident, Damn! that kid.


Those who cannot get a square meal at the end of the day, those who cannot get the opportunity study in schools, those who doesn’t get nice clothes on festive seasons, those who cannot have a roof over their heads envy me, as I get a square meal everyday, I get nice clothes every festive, I have a study in school, I have a nice room and blankets to sleep in winter.

I am standing, I do envy and I get envied.


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