I sometimes over convince myself a little. Sometimes I have some jobs due, I always keep them for the next day. And sadly most of the time, I cannot get the job done in time. But still I do. After having lots of dead deadlines, I still keep them for next day. I keep pushing the of tension. And when there is only ten minutes left, I scream, leave everything behind, make two or three mistakes, and ultimately, fail to complete the job. I be lazy all the time. I laugh when the deadline is over, and tell myself, next time, it won’t be like this. In my seventeen years of life, I have always been like this.

Comet Holmes is here, since October. Suddenly I discovered it near Perseus. I mean, I did not know it was there. The Perseus constellation have lots of stars in it. I plugged the binocular to my eyes, and started to observe them. Suddenly a white patch caught my attention. I showed it to my father, he told, that that might be Perseus. The joy of discovery surged in me as discovered it; I didn’t know it was there.

“That’s not C Hash, that is called C Sharp, I looked up in Wikipedia”, I said to my cousin. “Well, you know C Hash, I mean C sharp?”. “Ya, a bit”, I replied, “but I know C++ well” “Hmm, that’s great”, said my cousin. “What other languages you do know?” I answered, “Java, VB, etc. etc., but none is complete, I know a bit of every language” He exclaimed, “That’s great!” I felt proud at that exclamation, at last someone appreciated my knowledge of programming languages. I was happy because I learned all those languages all by myself.

There was a time when I used to be scared to death by ghosts. My nephews aggravated my for that. They made me sick, It seemed that they the like the way I get afraid. Time flies by, always making us more mature than before. Nowadays, I don’t get afraid very easily, I try to keep calm all the time. Few days ago, I got a notebook, a dairy my 12th year. I used to keep diary, I still do. I surfed the pages, one page caught my attention. I recalled the night, the sleepless night. I watched the movie ‘ALIEN’ that day, and I could not sleep in fear. I wrote that incident in my diary. It makes me laugh when I recall myself few years ago.

My tutor once said, “My father was a great student, I have his politeness, but not his brilliance in studies” He jerks my greatest pain out of myself, he exposes my, he makes me ashamed of myself. Thanks to him, I have learned to tackle conditions, deadlines, threats, humiliations, aggravations. I have learned, my ego won’t help me, it can only will take me down. My tears doesn’t come out easily nowadays.

The paragraphs are pretty much different, having no continuity in them. I wrote shards of my life, those I could recollect at the time of writing. I cannot make out the beauty out of poems, but I can see the beauty in algebra. At some nights, when I am evaluating myself, I really get happy. There are many, who doesn’t make mistakes much, who doesn’t fail often. I made a lot of mistakes, I had lot of failures; I am learned, skilled, experienced.

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