Superman is dead!…noooooo!

At least I feared he might be, when the movie was approaching to it’s end. Man, how can he be dead? Superman cannot be dead, he is “Super” man. He fell down from the sky, with out flying, because he was exposed to Kyptonide, the radioactive substance of his planet, deadly to him. But still, I was not ready to believe Superman was really dead. But when the nurse went for a checkup and found that Superman was not in his ward, she raised the alarm. Hey Luthor! You be sitting duck with your girlfriend on the beach with no gasoline on your helicopter! See that! Superman is not dead!

The childish joy was overwhelming. I was watching Superman Returns. I may have grown up, but I love what a kid loves. Super Heroes! There is no nostalgia. I still have my share of super heroes. And I don’t care if they call me a “Child!”.

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