In the …market

Physics: It really has some abstract beauty.

Biology: Starts from your very own backyard.

Computer science: It rocks; all the boolean logic and fantastic implementation!

Electronics: Explains how the backup UPS works fast, It’s good!

Architecture: the beauty of Brooklyn bridge, Awesome!

Chemistry: Fantastic!

Photography: Fine tuned eyes of of a photographer catch the very essence of world.

Drawing and painting: I really badly need to be good in those.

Designing: This thing has the upper hand, when it comes to beauty.

Cryptography: Magnificent!

Mathematics: The sexiest!

Literature: Enjoy!

Extreme sports: Give me that parachute. Do you mind if I borrow your skateboard?

Earth sciences: Computer simulation of an earthquake? I will make it in a jiffy.

Meteorology: Come to Papa!

Astronomy: It’s large, really large!

Information technology: How do you know?

Engineering: When do I get to build a rocket?

History: What is the similarity between Akbar and Alexander?

Philosophy:I go complete gaga!

Psychology: Why did that girl leave you?

Medical sciences: Why am I not taking paracetamol?

Music: I will be a guitarist! And hey! U2 rockz!!

Film making: From the very moment I get a Handy-cam.

Geography: What do you know about Andes?

Metrology: They need a solution for the kilogram calibration problem.

Robotics and AI: Can I play with Optimus Prime?

Environmental science: CO2 emission is bad!

Ma, can I have it all? Please!


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