Badminton…with a cellphone

Objective of the game: Be the last to give a missed call.

Game: Players will give missed call to each other alternatively. The first player to fall asleep will lose the game that night (or the last player to give missed call will win). Before every game, the initial call will be followed by two SMSes from each player to other, for the agreement of the game. Every missed call should be dispatched withing fifteen seconds of the last missed call from the other side. Late missed call will be render the giver a loser. And the other player win gain one point. The game should be started again with a new pair of SMS.

Scoring: Late calls : one point to the player who got the call, no call will give one point to the last caller. The scores from every night will be recorded. At the end of the month, the winner is decided. And new scorecard will be made for the new month.


    1. Phones should not be charged during the game.
    2. If a phone loses battery, the player loses, and the other gains a point.
    3. The game should be played during bedtime, thus their will be one winner and a loser.
    4. The game should be played between two players in same time zone.
    5. If both players fall asleep together, the game will end as draw.


    • The game should be played with players feeling a bit dizzy.
    • The game should be played with cellphones with long battery life.
    • The game might be addictive, so players are advised to take necessary precautions.

    Feel free to modify the game for your own gaming pleasure, just give me credit where I deserve.


    2 comments on “Badminton…with a cellphone

    1. Solmr says:

      favorited this one, bro

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