Portable music player and the lexicon

My home town if not very acquainted with the phrase, Portable Music Players, instead it is acquainted with iPod. I heard the word in my school, when a friend of mine got a SONY Mp3 player. Everybody called that an iPod. I didn’t waste time explaining that not every small gadget capable of playing music other than mobile phone are iPods. After a while, the word iPod was everywhere. Even yesterday, my mother was referring to my Philips GoGear portable audio player as an iPod. Now, every portable small cassette player is referred to as Walkman. It makes me laugh when I see the same thing happening to iPod. Names of exceptionally popular gadgets always outsell the gadgets. Brand names do alter the lexicon.

Let me tell you some great product that changed lexicon, at least in my neighborhood.

  • XEROX (Photocopying machine)
  • Walkman (Every portable cassette player)
  • Hi-Fi (Anything high end)
  • iPod (Every small music player)
  • Selotape (Sticky tape)
  • Hurricane (actually a lantern maker, every lantern is referred to)
  • ALL-OUT (Mosquito repellent)
  • Cadbury (Chocolates)
  • Mortein (Mosquito repellent burning coil)
  • Kachhua (a turtle, also a mosquito repellent burning coil)

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