Heart, Hope and the Firefly

It was about her; a childish show off. But what I didn’t anticipate is that when serious business gets mixed up with such show off, it might get disastrous. My physics exam was all about a show off. But, while in that exam hall, when I was stuck in a very easy problem, I didn’t looked at the mistake, I was thinking, “Why can’t I solve this easy problem? How am I gonna perform before her?” I got tensed and hot. I lost my calm mind. I did bad.

My teacher expects a good marks in physics from me. He told me that last day that I have to get a eighty percent. While I was entering the exam halls, I thought about that particular sentence; I must get a eighty percent. He hoped that best for me. But I have failed him.

Last night, while I was lying in the dark, the ambient light of the night sky peeking through that hazy glass windows; I was sad until I saw a yellow flash. The flash from the small body of a firefly. It forced me to turn back. I was staring at the blinking fire flying around me. It was showing me light.


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