Cognitive claustrophilia

I, always dream, I like to dream, I watch my dreams like movies, I make my dreams, imagine events of the future, of a successful future. Ironically it seems that the actual extrapolated most probable events are far away from my imagined events. But I still imagine, imagine my desires fulfilled. I prefer to be inside the labyrinth of my dreams, the dreams that make me think of everything, “easy as pie”; the dreams that always say, “Do it tomorrow, why awake late at night?” There are also dreams that say, “You can do it, you are talented, where is your pride?, there are dreams that allow me to dream other dreams, paint many more illusions. And this is my habit. I like to stay inside the labyrinth of dreams.

Now, It’s late at night, I am awake. I will break the habit tonight.


One comment on “Cognitive claustrophilia

  1. Prabhat says:

    Liked it very much 🙂

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