Rocket Launching Goodness!

I left the FPS area a while ago, I played a lot of RTS recently. Recently, a friend of mine asked for a game, and while searching through my CDs and DVDs I found a game “Unreal Tournament”. It was a very sheer delight, playing that game again. And while I have the Rocket Launcher, I feel happy…

In this post, I am going to list some classics, which will offer you some good rocket launching goodness…


My favorite classic, Unreal Tournament


My one time fave. Quake 3 Arena


I didn’t played this one quite, but I like this one!!!

A very few rocket launching goodness classics, more to come soon…!!!

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One comment on “Rocket Launching Goodness!

  1. Ekk says:

    waaaa i love this game Unreal but the good old version but i don`t have it any more…
    why don`t ya reliese this torrent somewhare – there are gonna be happy people just like you when you holded the 9 😉

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