Limit, challenge and the sun!

I did not prepare for IITJEE; when I entered the gates of Hindu School, I was afraid. I saw the boys and girls talking, their eyes shone with great confidence. As a village boy, rarely in a city, I am always dazzled by attitudes the city boys has. I was thinking aloud, “Oh Man! I will be a sitting duck in the exam hall.” When I entered the exam hall, everyone looked at me. “Ok”, I said to myself, “let’s look for my alloted seat”. I found an old friend there, at the hall. He smiled at me, I returned. When I got my question paper, I ran my eyes through all the questions, and started to etch the ORS with my HB pencil. The questions were challenging. And my preparation was so bad that I couldn’t even understand all the algebraic notations.

They say, IITJEE is somewhat very difficult exam, and as a village boy like me, I can never crack it. One day, a guy in chat told me that IITs contain uber intelligent people. I just couldn’t convince myself that I was not an uber like them, in IIT. I know that am a bit stubborn: I don’t consider anything as difficult and I don’t believe in anything such as talent.

I never had an exam like IITJEE before, it felt good after the exam. The whole experience was very remarkable, enjoyable. I never enjoyed a challenge like this before, and I never licked my wounds so nicely after a big defeat. It was a new beginning, it was like a dream of utopia, where I can show my mettle. In a town, where I live, not many actually push to chase off the limits, they just say what they have to. Yesterday I touched my limits, and wounded myself hard. And now I know my wounds, I will treat them well. I now know what it means to be pushing the limits.

I heard the sun, bright over my head cheering me up.


One comment on “Limit, challenge and the sun!

  1. saptaswa says:

    iit is not the end of life!

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