Since I understood what if meant to be a child, and a what differs me from the grown ups, I considered bedsheets as an integral art of my life. I still do.

For me bedsheets induces different types of sleep (The pillow and mattress under the bed sheet also has some effect on the sleep). The soft roughness of a new bedsheets are very enjoyable. Especially, if it is summer, and the new bed sheet is entirely made of cotton. And, in winters, soft velvety bedsheets are awesome. There are also some dreamy bedsheets, which is especially good in winters, made mostly out of synthetic cotton. There are nightmarish bedsheets also, which induce nightmare. They are effective in hot tropical summer, and often in winters.

It is summer now; And I will be discussing more elaborately on summer bedsheets. My bed, consists many features, some are good, some are bad. The good thing is that it has a nice soft mattress, and the bad thing is, it always is full of dust (And I am lethargic enough for not to get up once I have laid down and dust my bed sheet).

I have studied a lot of bedsheets, I do more in summers, as it is hot here in summer, and I don´t fall asleep very quickly. Some bed sheet induce intellectual and scientific thoughts. And those are made of rough and think fabric. Some bedsheets re very romantic. While lying on those, I can´t stop thinking about a particular girl. These bedsheets moderately induce sleep. A very special property these bedsheets have; any increment in romantic thought reduces sleep exponentially. There are sorrowful bedsheets also, upon which, if I lie, my negative thoughts and sorrow dominates. These bedsheets is really good for sleep, and these rejuvenate me for a new challenge next morning. These bedsheets have distinct abstract geometric pattern printed on them. Very interesting! Yesterday night I discovered a completely new type of bed sheet. The bed sheet had a very special property. It induced a distinct emotional storm, unlike any other I had before. It was a composite of love, hate, anger and sorrow. For the very first time, I suddenly thought if the girl I love is in love with someone else. I haven´t met her for a long time, and we don´t talk much. The easter wishes on the cartoony bed sheet somehow made me think about such a matter. I got angry. My anger was on the distance between us, on the stinking social barrier that prevents me from expressing my feelings, on the reason why I am not attractive, and on my fears and failures. I began to cry, tears of anger ran down. I was afraid of losing her (though I don´t have her!). And my hero was shouting at me, telling me to be strong. It feels strange when there is a calm dilemma. One side was telling me to cry for her, and the other side was telling me to be ruthless enough to leave everything behind, and moving on. My heart was drying up.

There is a dialog from the movie ‘On the line’ – ‘Love may not make the world spin, but it is what makes the ride worthwhile’. This particular dialog was very essential that night. As they say it ‘Hope springs eternal’. I don’t know whether she reads my blog; I can hope that she reads. That’s all I could do to prevent my heart from drying up.


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