Wrong dreams and the right ones

I always dream big. At least I did. I thought about getting some big A+, and some big stars and letters in exams, and ultimately in some great college. I was dreaming a wrong dream. And now at the edge of breaking myself, I realized that devotion, emotion and passion is all that matters in a dream, not the achievement. I lost some good marks in my +2 exams (I don’t know why, my exam was not that bad). Still I am getting angry with myself very frequently sometimes, just because I think I could run a bit more., I could out run a few more. I didn’t and that is the source of my frustration.

Achievement is just a consequence. A very wise man, a physicist recently told me about an interview of Sachin Tendulkar, while he was a high school batsman. The story goes like this: A journalist went to Tendulkar for an interview, the coach pointed to Tendulkar, who was practicing a square defensive shot. When the journalist asked for an interview, he asked the journalist to wait a bit, while his practice is over. The journalist sat near, watched Tendulkar, and soon got bored, as Tendulkar was practicing the same shot over and over again. After an hour, when the practice was over, Tendulkar came for the interview. After a few question, the journalist asked the question, “What’s your aim in life?”, and Tendulkar said, “To make that square defense shot perfect”, the journalist then asked, “Don’t you dream of leading the Indian team one day?”, and he said “It’s just a consequence of the perfection of my batting”

This particular story corrected me; all that matters is the reason you play.

There will always be some failures, there can always be some success and there will always be someone better that me. I now know, that hurting myself for a failure will take me to nowhere. All I can to do is to believe in what I my heart says, and that might take me to somewhere I need to go.

I am not here to write this post to describe something, to convey some message or to write some high quality blog. I just wanted to blow it out, like what Orhan Pamuk did.


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