Few members of my life, sometimes bug me with my inabilities, my failures, my fears. They think of me as an immature, a child who knows nothing about logic and calculation. I don’t mind them thinking like that. But, adults from my life are there to not to realize that, they have forgot the delicate process for learning, feeling, thinking and rethinking. Adults do not realize that they will not be able to do anything new, anything innovative, anything great, if they remain an adult. Adults from my societies constrain themselves inside some illogical reasons, which prevent them to think the other way, they lose the sense of thrill, they lose their imaginations, and worse, they lose their dreams. Their eyes are full of dead dreams, the reason, their previous generations murdered the dreams of next generation. And any young mind dreams of something (a bit big it may be), they say, “You are young, that is why you cannot fully understand what you are saying”.

Grown ups from my community thinks that they are experienced and seasoned, they knows many things better than the younger ones; they are not totally wrong in this, but they fail to accept that there are few things that they will never understand. Viz. electronic gaming, no grown up really enjoy computer games (they say, “it is bad for your health”), and the young still like it. And when it comes to the RTS genre, “Is it really a game?”, they say. What we can enjoy, they cannot! That’s the difference! And they think, what we are enjoying is bad for us, funny way they think! They always give great words of wisdom, but they should not try to break beliefs. To me, a child is the only person able to learn.

And one funny thing, I must share to the reader, is that, in my society, they are real slow to adapt with technology, slower than the fluctuation of cosmic microwave background radiation. And the reason is that they hate to do a bit more for their own facility. They like the way it is.

Erik Weinmeyer is blind , he climbed the third pole. Alexie Mareseyev was footless, but he did flew fighter without feet, Reinhold was illogical, but he still climbed everest without oxygen alone, Michal Faraday was a book binder, but he did something that runs civilization end etc. etc. etc.

And the ‘Curse’ of my society, is that it is afraid. And since the day I know that my society is afraid, I laugh at them, as they once said that I am afraid when I was kid. Maybe, when a grown up will read this post, he will say, that I am thinking like this because I am still young. But I cannot understand a very simple thing; I am a human being, with the most complex algorithm (the human mind), which can create more algorithms. Why we should constrain ourselves inside our own dead walls? Why do we not take risks? Why are we afraid of future? Why are we afraid of trying new things? Why are we afraid of walk unexplored paths? Why are we afraid of sorrow? Why cannot we embrace uncertainty? Why afraid of a few simple truths? Why we cannot be ruthless? There is only one life! Only one! And why we don’t understand this damn simple truth?


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