It was about 8.45 PM when I bought two “Vegetable chop”s from a very well known “Chop-wala” for Rs. 6; his “chop”s are beautiful. The stall is situated just beside a street junction near the railway station. I wanted to relish my newly bought “chop”s, embedded with vegetable salad. But danger loomed near; few buddies were there, who saw me, and I smiled at them, but I didn’t dare to show that I have a package full of relish in my hands. I rode my bicycle looking for a safe place to relish the beauty of the thing in my hand. While I was passing beside “Shyamnagar Girl’s School”, I noticed the place, thought I should to stop there, and eat my way through the upper hard crust of the “chop”, to the spicy, saucy, soft veggies. But unfortunately my english teacher was there, talking to someone. He grinned at me, and I grinned at him, and obviously I didn’t eat the “chop”s. I considered to go far away, near my school. When I was near the Shyamnagar Kanti Chandra High School crossing, where the sodium vapour lamp struggles to illuminate a big area, I noticed our assistant headmaster taking a evening walk (his home is near his school). I failed to eat again. I was again in search of a new place, to relish me “chop”s.

And lastly I had to eat my “chop”s, under the clear sky, where the rustling banyan tree beside was there for me, giving me my long lost faith in myself.


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