It’s time!

I am a bit sorry that I didn’t show myself off a little earlier. I never liked show offs. I think that I needed to show off a little bit; If you never show off, how can everyone else know what you really are. Isn’t that true, I think it is a bit logical, and how I came to know it? It was real treat when you know that you really pulled off something good.  Basically, it was a group theory instinct! We have a XEROX Phaser 3117 monochrome laser printer. My father had to print something with a letter headed page. Being my printer assistance, I had to make sure when the page comes out which side is up on the page, so that the print corresponds with the letter head. I was sure that the page will come out with the initial up side down, but my father argued that I couldn’t understand a simple thing, so that I should make a mark on the page first. But if you see the XEROX Phaser printer in action, then you can easily make out my argument, logically. You don’t really need group theory, you just need a bit of logical arguments to prove that. Try that, you will like it. I did the proof in a second, but my father could not understand that I did that in my mind, and I did not had to test print.

And that is why now I think it’s time that I show off something so that the people who matters most to me really know that I am not as DULL as they think I am (and I am sure that they think I am a real DULL guy).

P.S. Showing off now: According to my observation, a bit advanced logic sometimes appears meaningless…


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