Feynman, tie and textbook

I was reading Feynman’s Lectures on Physics. I say, “If there is any undergraduate physics textbooks exists it is Feynman’s Lectures on Physics, others are mere references”. My beloved readers (if there is any reader as I get no more pageveiws than 16-17 avg.), you should read the books, your background doesn’t matter, least Algebra and Calculus required, but nothing more. You will be doing Physics in no time. If you ask me, “Why should we crack our nerves on something like Physics?”, because you will have to excercise your brain a little bit to learn Physics, I would promptly answer, “You will be missing somthing in your life! Guranteed!”. Reading popular science is great, but only to some certain extent. Beyond that, you must study the inner working of the science, and when you learn that, you will have better understanding on the thing that you are reading in some popular science article. I found thisout myself, I was reading a book, ‘Symmetry and the Monster’ by Mark Ronan. The book is just great, but it was not enough to understand group theory, upon which the latter chapters were dependent on. So, I downloaded these pages, http://members.tripod.com/~dogschool/ and studied group theory. In that way I was able to advance to the latter chapters of the book. I read a lot of popular articles about Quantum Mechanics, but I was never really did understand what is really was. After I learned the inner mathematical workings of QM, I became pretty much familliar in Quantum Mechanics.

Feynman made me a more serious student. I don’t know why, it may also have some different reasons, but I nonticed it. After reading a bits of Feynman, I am in love for other textbooks. I read more text books that I did before. This might seem to be  a strange phenomenon, but it happened.

Not only that, while I watching Naruto today, with Gaara fighting with Rock Lee(Outside: Joker, inside: Tiger), I was practiing how to tie a tie from the internet(http://www.neckties.com/content/howtotieatie.html), and finally managed to master the Winsdor knot. It is quite an achievment for me, withing half an hour, I really mastered the knot, while watching TV. I think Feynman was in this too…


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