ActionScript 3.0 Rockz!

I was famailar with ActionScript 2.0. I knew tit bits of AS2 coding. What I didn’t know is that ActionScript 3.0 is something totally revamped. When I first got taste of the new ActionScript 3.0 (though not much new), I was amazed to see the language. It is no more a mere language that can be used to add interactivity in Flash movie. Adobe just pushed the limits! Now it can be used to develop Adode AIR, Flex application and Flash movies and apps. It has a bit JavaScripty tinge and DOM, which makes it sexier. Web designing no more HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL etc etc. It has something more amazing, not only for the Coding buffs out there, but also the Desginers.

I found my role as a technology taster in the world of technology. I hope to the web change a lot with all these new great technologies coming up.


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