From me to …

Dear Science,

I never really thought that engineering in these parts of the world would be so frustrating. I got into engineering because I could be close to you and make some profit out of life. But now I see I am only getting far from you.

During the first evening after college, I felt beautifully sad. I never felt like that before. It was some random fluctuation between dream, reality and the mixture or both. I realized that I am very near to losing you.

What’s the point of studying stuff without having fun? You can do anything for something with which you have fun, but when you are not having fun, how would it be, if that stuff is forced upon you? And when your peer is not up to you, how would that be? Awful! That’s my observation.

Sorry, I left you like that, but don’t worry, I won’t give up on you! My Gods are still there, chanting, trying to clear the wet sticky shadows of my mind. A wise man said to me that “You cannot just stop playing the game, keep playing!”, and that’s why I cannot just stop just now. If mass bends light, if energy creates mass, if a blind man climbs Everest, if a footless pilot flies a plane, if a patent clerk changes the world, then I will be returning to you one day. And on that day I will sing the song of the mountains, on that day I will spread my arms towards the wind, on that day I will have victory, on that day I will go to the wise man and say, “I have won the game”. I have made a lot of promise to myself like that, but none I kept, but this time I am making a promise to you. Mark my weakest words, they will grow stronger.




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