System crashed!

Actually, my life has crashed, need a hard reboot. This life is hitting me hard. Let me list…

Physics: Lost, having to forcefully study stuff I don’t like. Almost hell.

Other sciences: After college, concentrating is real hard.

A Girl: Cannot even approach her…

Stories: After college, getting too much tired.

Peer in college: Takes twenty minutes to determine the vernier constant a angle measuring apparatus, not something I don’t hate.

Current study: Has no flavor, 100% dehydrated. 😦

All summed up to -> %^&##^\*@!!…system crashed.

Next time, when I will reboot, I will think of the moment, when Erik Weinmeyer first climbed after he went blind, the moment when Alexie first though of flying again with his feet amputated.

If a blind man can climb everest, if a footless pilot fly a fighter plane, then I will return to science.

And the most fishy thing is that all this time I kept telling me this thing all the time. LOL


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