“The OLPC Foundation’s mission is to stimulate local grassroots initiatives designed to enhance and sustain over time the effectiveness of laptops as learning tools for children living in lesser-developed countries.” – The OLPC website.

OLCP stands for One Laptop per Child.

This may not be a very interesting mission, lots of people will say, “Give them food, shelter and education, why Laptop?”. Being a guy who saw the last Pentium leap in Electronics and Digital Communication and Media as a child, I do feel the impact of such a thing. The marvel of technology should be available for all the human beings living in this world. You can read this article “A OLPC story in Khairat“.

You can also check the OLPC website, and what actually is the XO-1.

Just imagine; when a child turns his XO-1 on, and sees that his friends in the neighbourhood is playing a multiplayer game after dinner, he joins them. I am a casual gamer myself, and like to play online a lot, if I have fun, children would have more fun, wirelessly.

Being a half rural guy, I know the fun of being connected even in bed with friends. We do have chats in Shop, Clubs, Houses. But late at night, while you are about to leave study, your friend just rings you up, “What are you doing? Buddy!”, the joy that you have while being connected to others is just great. I got my hands on a cell phone pretty late, thus I do have a passion for connectedness. And imagine a village in India, where children doesn’t have cellphones, are getting connected while studing, and chatting from there homes. Awesome!


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