Sony Ericsson W350i

I wanted a cellphone, and after I a lot of research, I settled with NOKIA 3120. But unfortunately while I was in the shop, the whole thing turned to Sony Ericsson W350i.

I bought the phone. It is about five days I am with my new W350i. It is performing great.

The WALKMAN player: Awesome! Has a lot of options, almost like Windows Media Player. It is a breeze to browse through music. It comes with a Sony Bass Reflex Headphones, which sounds great also.

The Bluetooth system is pretty fast. I hooked it up with a friend’s W700i, and tested it. It performed fine!

The Camera according to me is not up to the mark. But I am not really bothered about that as I don’t really need a cellphone cam.

The Net browser is even better, fast and sleek.

And for now ‘I love my music!’


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