2.00AM Dancing!

Everyday, when it appears to me that I am close the climax of my quest for unconventional freedom, I go another step further. And the last step was pretty much fun.

Last night, I was trying to study late at night; the “environment and ecology” subject. The earphones were plugged in, I was listening to some dance music. The track was very trancy. After a few mins, I considered to go to bed. Suddenly, I stopped before the mirror in my bedroom. I rarely stand before a mirror, except while shaving. I stood and I looked at me. Slowly, my body started moving unconsciously, with the music. I turned off the light, realising if I get caught in the state, I will be ridiculed. Then I started to dance. It was 2AM. I could feel the adrenaline, the joy. I was getting showered by the streetshine (The light from the street lights), I could see my shadow on the wall. I was not really dancing, as it is an art. I was moving with the music, reproducing the sound with my body.

I continued until 3.16, when I realized that my body could take no more. I am not a fit guy, so dancing with high tempo music was pretty hard on me. I want to bed, sleepy.

One thing that occured to me while I was dancing is that I was truely growing up, and I was growing up the colourful way I wanted. I will attain the rank of ‘chunin’ (See Naruto) real soon.


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