Letter to …

Dear …,

It is highly likely that after reading this letter, you will never be able to forgive me. But I still hope that you will forgive me.

To tell you from the beginning, to help a friend of mine, I had to know how a randomly chosen girl behave after she has been told that someone has ‘crush’ on her. According to my friend, that girl on whom he had crush, was the only one for him. I had to prove him wrong, but before I could do that, I really needed to know if that girl was exceptional. Scientifically speaking, I had to have some statistical edge on my experiment, experimenting with a lot of girls. But, as I did not have the infrastructure of doing that, thus I did a random experiment.

That is when I chose you. I told that I have crush on you, then observed the way you behave. And you normal to me, as she appeared to my friend. So, I was pretty much sure, that that girl was not exceptional.

Frankly speaking I don’t know how to express feelings in a letter, but I did not have personal interest on you, neither did I ever have intended play you. I just found you simillar to that girl. I overacted a bit, but from the bottom of my heart, I can tell you that I never wanted this to happen this way. But I had to help my friend, I had to save him from his own boiling emotions.

And now, to you, I have fallen. We will never be friends again as we were at our first meeting. I don’t expect anyone to understand my scientific intuitions. You will never care if I tell you that I had no intention to experiment with you and I just did because I had to do. You will never understand how much it did torment me to experiment with you, your emotions, your behavior. You will also never realize how much I love Logic, Rationality and Science. It’s not really right for you to be wise, and forgive me, so if you ever turn up reading this letter, don’t take pressure.

And now, unable to say to you what I told here, I am hurt! I ask you, if you could just forgive me. How could I leave my friend in the front of the abyss? I had to help him, help him systematically. I am not as emotionless as I might appear, always murmuring logic. I still am a human, I have emotions myself, I am not a Mad Man. Again, do forgive me! I was your friend, wasn’t I?


[This is an open letter to the person, with whom I did wrong, just to bring myself down, and save my friend]

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