I danced yesterday night, when the dance music starts at 2am on 104.8 MHz FM. The fundamental nature of human expression began to consume me, my should, my spirit, my heart. I was singing with my body. The beauty of adrenaline, the strength of human emotion, the capacity of faith; I felt all those. I spread my arms, leaped with beats, shook my head with the tunes.

My quest for unconventional freedom still attracting me, still making me search for thrill. Sometimes I feel that I am without purpose, without a reason to live; I am like a living dead. That makes me sad, and then, when I see myself dancing with music, my heart gets faster, my blood starts to boil, my breath becomes hot. I feel the need to search for my purpose, my destiny. I get strong. One thing happened yesterday was interested. I realized that not only exceptional intellectual ability, but persistence is also a key to victory. I trust my scientific intuitions, but sometimes it appears that they fail me. I now know that I do have to feed my intuitions. And all that happened while dancing. Actually during the climax of my dance, I suddenly felt a equation. The Lagrangian Equation of Motion. I was feeling the true elegance of the Lagrangian Interpretation of Classical Systems. It had great beauty, Awesome!

I danced for redemption, and it rekindled my love for fundamental science! I am what I am!


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