Three phase systems, 5star and music addiction

I am having a addiction. Very bad, as it might harm my ears. Sometimes it appears to me that I am wearing the ear buds all the time. Sometimes my Philips GoGear portable audio player, or sometimes my Sony Ericsson W350. I keep listening! I feel more free. And suddenly I am having a mind to list down the songs that connects me to my significant crushes.

1st I don’t remember.

My 2nd crush: Ami Jare Chai Re by Bhoomi

3rd crush: Hey Shona from Ta Ra Rum Pum, Be With You by Enrique

4th crush: It’s My Life by Bon Jovi, City of Blinding Lights by U2

5th crush: Far Away by Nickelback

I have a new fondness for the Cadbury 5star. I eat those a lot nowdays.

And I understand poly phase systems. I studied a three phase AC system just today, and had great fun learning an exciting engineering implementation. Great!

The shards from crushes still hurt, dreams scream in agony, envy ambushes mind, loneliness dominates the horizon, time appears to be much lubricated, home feels like prison (like to return late from college, but a friend give me a hurry), lost the purpose of life (trying to find it again), study seems to be meaningless, chat with friends seems so foolish and I am afraid that I am losing my ability to function.

Now, drinking a cup of Nescafe Instant Coffee, my sour tongue is finding some respite. I think it deserves some rest.


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