Mathematical Heart

There is a function, for which the Cartesian graph looks like this,

The graph of heart

The graph of heart

I am writing the function again: f(x)=|x-pi/2| + (1/4) +((x-pi/2)/3)^30

I hope, from the picture, you can see how the graph looks like. Romantic function! Isn’t it?


4 comments on “Mathematical Heart

  1. John Shuster says:

    I very much enjoyed your Mm Heart, especially the smooth inflections at about y = -3. However, when you rewrote radius function in polar coordinates, it seemed to come out unclear or incorrect compared to formula on graph.
    May I ask how you developed this formula, and why the large exponent of 30 is needed?

  2. rivalslayer says:

    @John Shuster

    Thanks a lot for reading my blog. Sorry if I am replying a bit late. Actually I survived a few days without the internet, some network problem it was for a few days.

    Now for the mathematical heart, I got it as an example for a plotting software, which I forgot. I also

    sometimes wondered about the exponent but never looked into it. But you perked my interest on this again. Thanks a lot. And as I have studied bits of mathematics in these years, I hope that I will be able to find a better version of this function and find a reason for this high exponent. I will definitely be looking into it.

    We will be in touch.


  3. rivalslayer says:

    @John Shuster

    And then again feeling sorry for not quoting the software….

  4. Ardenia Greene says:

    thanks for this blog..

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