Creativity to Max!

The game came out on Oct 17th, 2008. The game has a fresh new air. I was searching for a totally new game, a game that fashions a totally new concept. Generally, the game I am talking about is a kind of puzzle game, a lot old concept but the mechanical engineering style of the game, is totally fresh, and the style of entertainment is truly original!

Meet “World Of Goo”!

Do not be discouraged by the name of the game, it is more than the name. A 2D puzzle game, “of my generation”, that I think may have cost the small development team massive amount of creativity.

The most powerful aspect of this game is it’s top notch physical simulation. The wind, the gravity, the tension through long string, are very real. It appeared to me that this is the most appealing physics engine ever used in a game. The 2D light style of the game is also very appealing, the music is good.

There are many reviews already, so I don’t think, I have to write more on this.

The best gaming resource to me is Gamespot has a nice review of the game, you can read that out. Even World Of Goo go an “Editors Choice” on Gamespot. And the best part is that it is available on online game services like Steam.

Play the Demo.

And Google out more screen shots, plz!



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