Whatever I do, I must prioritize my jobs. That is what my father used to tell me a lot.

Being an polymath is a bit difficult. And no one really likes doing it all. In the movies, we do see, and sometimes I get inspired. I don’t really think it is impossible, but it will take time, patience and organization (something I am trying to do now). And believe me, if not careful, life will get really jumbled.

I made an heirarchy out of my wishes, to organise my life a little bit; ‘to become a professional’ in other words. I like becoming a innovative engineer or a brilliant physicist, and then thinking of the ways it is possible. Then I would like to become a good photographer. Then an adventurer; mountaineer maybe. Than a good academic person. Then a nice boyfriend and then etc etc etc. a lot more.

And one more thing, I think there will be a lot of PIC programming stories coming on XenoArgento real soon.


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