Another year

The Gregorian Calender says today is the second day of year 2009. And it can also be inferred that 2008 just passed out. There was something I wanted to do, and I did, and there was also few things that didn’t turn out right.

Let’s make a list…

The things that turned out wrong,

  1. Wanted to study undergrad Physics, but turned in a Engineering School.
  2. Wanted to buy a NOKIA 3120 Classic, while at shop, bought a Sony Ericsson W350i.
  3. Wanted a nice love, but when I proposed, everything went upside down.
  4. Wanted to draw a Digital Picture I had in mind, but never found a nice way to make that nice.
  5. Wanted to programme a PIC, but didn’t have time.
  6. Wanted to contribute to OSS, but couldn’t find a suitable project.
  7. Wanted to make a DC Adjustable Power Supply, blew up a capacitor.

The things that turned out right,

  1. Wanted a Sony Ericsson HPM-82 Headphone, I got it!
  2. Wanted to build a LED timer, and understand how that is working, and now do understand.
  3. Wanted to go to my Winter camp, that went successfully.
  4. Saw almost all the movies I wanted to see.
  5. Got the supply of music I needed to survive.

Things that went wrong badly,

  1. The W350i Flap broke.
  2. The Semester Exam didn’t turn up well.
  3. The HS Exam was definitely not well.
  4. Proposal to a girl went corny.
  5. A Friend went mad over a Young Woman (Girl to be more precise), and breaking up.

Things that were great,

  1. Found few nice friends.
  2. Got few hardcore experiences, that will make me stronger next time.
  3. The Laboratory Exams were fun!
  4. Lost a bit of weight.
  5. Got a nice pair of shoe, which I tore badly, with my extreme walking and running habit.
  6. Learned how to stay in Harmony with the outer world.
  7. Got an idea of Tensor equations.
  8. At the Summer School on Basic sciences at IACS, I realized that I have a lot of fun left in life.
  9. Learned Group Theory and Symmetry Basics.
  10. Learned Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Dynamics.
  11. Learned ploy phase power implementations.

And my plans for 2009, I will write after I return from trip on 10th.

Thanks Folks!


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