Project Euler Problem 7

That is the problem I chose to start with, while participating in Project Euler. You can have a go at

That is where I started to help me cure myseld of my ADHD (Recently I think I have ADHD). That stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. As I am seeing my life through my eyes, I find the symptoms inside me.

It happens when you switch very rapidly. And Wikipedia says that it also has a strong genetic component.

I switch subjects very rapidly. Like, few days, I am with micro controller programming, then few days with number theory and then few days with cryptography. This is not very healthy for our brain. I think I need to stop multitasking, and get things done one-by-one.

Or I might have more severe ADHD. Actually I came to know it, when I started reading The Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke. Ranjit Subramanian had this disorder as his friend Gamini pointed out in the novel.

Anyway, I solved this problem 7; The 10001th prime number is 104743. I made a program to solve the problem. I really liked the nature of this problem.

I give the Python code below.

The code, a very simple one, suggested by Ranjit Subramanian in the novel.

It took a few minutes to find the 10001th prime on my PC. I am sure there are more less resource hungry algorithms, my next quest is to find another more efficient one.

The novel is bit unworthy for grown up readers I think; The plot is a bit childish. But it has a lot of talk inside, that is what I really liked about the novel. And for a layman, it is very healthy (For his/her brain of course).

Right now, I will be desiging a logo for my deviantART userpage.

Go visit:



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